Department Design

Whether you're looking for a new design for your station or need a team logo for an upcoming sports tournament, I have all of your design needs covered.

Here at Black Smoke Sticker Co I specialize in bringing the spirit of your organization into your design to build morale and unit cohesion, which often ultimately leads to recruitment of new members who want to be part of your awesome org. 

To get started, send me a message letting me know what your needs are. Then we'll hop on the phone to talk about your department / organization and work together to create something you'll love.

Design work will be quoted after our initial phone call and invoiced upon delivery.

Once the design is created, it is yours to use on all of your marketing materials, swag, etc. I can also provide you with the apparel and swag you're looking for with your new design on it, at a discounted price for bulk orders.