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My name is Jen and I am honored to share with you a few words about our dear friends, Matt and Amy, and their 21 month old daughter, Remi. On October 12, 2022, their world changed forever when Remi was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma; a rare form of cancer that affects very young children. The diagnosis came after Remi’s parents brought her to the doctors regarding a bruise that was not healing properly. After a series of tests and emergency doctor visits at CHLA, Matt and Amy were given their sixteen month old daughter’s diagnosis. Their oncology team explained that Remi has multiple tumors in her body in addition to cancer cells throughout. Due to the aggressive nature of her cancer, Remi’s team at CHLA advised that treatment begin immediately.

Remi has currently gone through four rounds of chemotherapy and MIBG therapy. Her treatment plan consists of a total of 1.5+ years of intense chemotherapy, multiple stem cell transplants, surgery to remove a large tumor and maintenance chemotherapy in hopes of eliminating her cancer. In addition to the treatment plan, there has been, and will continue to be, many inpatient stays and weekly trips to CHLA for labs, scans, clinic visits, transfusions, etc.

Remi will turn two on June 3rd. She is a sweet, joyful, busy toddler who loves life and lights up every room she enters. Throughout these last few months, she has remained a constant inspiration to us all, and continues to fight cancer bravely with a smile on her face. During her hospital stays at CHLA, she loves exploring the playroom and watching the cars drive by through her window (her favorite, of course, being fire trucks). While at home, she is a doting big sister to 4 month old Sadie June, whom she loves to snuggle and love on.

As a firefighter and an oncology nurse, Matt and Amy have dedicated their lives to putting others first. And as anyone who knows their hearts will tell you, it’s not easy for them to ask for help. But after years of watching them put the needs of others before theirs, it’s our turn to give them rest and wrap them up in love.

We are aiming to raise money to provide some financial relief to Remi’s parents so they can focus all their time, strength, and energy on her treatment. Their daughter is a warrior and we want to Rise Up for Remi and show her how much we love her.
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